For all those clothes you have to sift through like in an old and dirty thrift store to get to the good shit.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walken In a Winter Wonderland

I am a winter princess! I will wear wooly mammoth fur on my feet! You will like it!


  1. Okay, while I agree that a lot of this shit is hideous (the Forever21 website is pretty much all the crap no one wanted to buy in-store), if you actually go to one of their locations they have some GREAT clothes for really cheap. Don't judge an entire store based on these clothes - every designer has ugly shit now and then.

  2. @Kiara: I know. Not all of Forever 21 is ugly! It's a common misconception that I hate Forever 21, but what people don't know is that I spend tons of money on their clothes because I have to look at the New Arrivals every week for this blog. ASOS has ugly shit, TopShop has ugly shit, etc. The difference is that there are so many clothes put on Forever 21 a day/week that there's a going to be a large ratio of cute clothes over ugly.

    If I hated everything Forever 21 put out, then this blog would simply be a repost of every single item Forever 21 put out, and that wouldn't be too fun, would it?